You can either send us an email or get help from us as well as other players on the forums and in the chat. Emails are generally answered within 48 hours.

Send an email to us on the following address:

What type of questions are answered?
Please note that this email address is NOT for gameplay related questions such as "When can I recruit that ninja?" and "When do I regain my energy?". Those questions are most likely answered in our Help section. Please read both the Game Guides and the In-Game Tutorial and of course, the Frequently Asked Questions.

Please include as much details as possible!
If you are having problems playing the game, be sure to include as much details as you can think of. This of course includes your username (NOT password, we NEVER ask for passwords), as well as confirmation that you have tried logging out and then back in again.

Please copy and paste this into your email:
Browser: CCBot/2.0 (
Describe problem: *insert question here*

Forums and Chat

If you have general questions about the game please use our forums or the chat. There are a lot of players with good knowledge about the game who can help you. As always, be careful not the share your password with anyone.