FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you're having problems playing NinjaManager you might find the answer here! Please read all of these before asking for help! The most common questions are...

  • Nothing works!?
    1. Please make sure you have javascript enabled, and play the game in an up to date version of your web browser. NinjaManager is compatible with the following web browsers and minimum version; Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+, Chrome 1+.
  • I have energy but can't use it!
    1. Click the refresh icon to the right of your energy bars to get up to date information. If you spam challenges in a short amount of time, the energy bars fall behind a bit.
  • Stuck at the World Map!
    1. If you have completed a mission on the World Map but can't proceed to the next mission, please log out and then log in again. Also make sure that you have completed all missions in the current area/country. If the problem still isn't solved, you can either;
      post on our forums or send an email to us.
  • Fighting sequences are interrupted/canceled!
    1. Please do not play NinjaManager in multiple browser windows or tabs. This can interrupt the fights which just means more problems for you. You will still receive EXP and such, but you might have to replay the mission to open up the next one.
  • I lost some energy!
    1. The energy bars can sometimes fall behind, which means they won't show up to date information. Click the Refresh icon to the right of them to get fresh data. We cannot give back energy which mysteriously has been lost/not received, but if this happens to you often and you suspect something isn't right you can either;
      post on our forums or send an email to us.