Game Rules

The Game Rules must be read, understood, accepted and followed by all NinjaManager players. It is the players responsibility to follow these rules and regularly check back to see if there are any changes. Failure to follow these rules will lead to punishment such as temporary bans or a permenant ban. Minor offenses to these rules will result in a warning.


Trading wins
It's strictly forbidden to trade wins or intentionally lose. This means you should NOT remove ninjas from the team to boost your friends and/or other teams you might have. It's of course OK to remove ninjas from your team to train certain ninjas, but we do not want to hear any kind of trade win talk either in our chat or in the forums.


Offensive names
The username and team name you choose must not contain any offensive language at all. Sexual, racism or in any way discriminatory content are not tolerated, as well as excessive swearing. We won't change your name, we will ban you. If you think it might break this rule, it probably will. Don't use it.

Original name
Don't pretend to be someone else. Names including admin, webmaster, support or anything related to someone you are not (on NinjaManager) is prohibited and will lead to a ban. Don't steal other players name, do not use names in advertising purpose and refrain from naming yourself after well-known people.

You take full responsibility for whatever happens with your account. It's you who must keep hackers, evil friends, younger brothers and other potential threats away from your account. We also cannot take responsibilty for any bugs or glitches which you might run into, although will do try to fix those as soon as possible.

Max 2 accounts
You are allowed to register and play with a maximum of 2 accounts. Any more than this will lead to a ban.

Sharing accounts
You are not allowed to share accounts with other players. This is for both our sake, and you own safety. You don't want to lose you team and ninjas because of some misunderstanding, and we sure don't want to hear you complaining about it.

Trading, selling, giving away
This falls under sharing accounts. You are not allowed to trade, sell, buy or even give away accounts. Both players will be temporarily banned and the accounts involved will be deleted.

Email and password
The email address and password you choose must be unique and reachable. Write your password down and do not share it with anyone. We cannot reset or see your password, you must do it by yourself.

Secret question
The secret question is used for recovering a lost password, and changing your password. Do not forget your answer to the secret question you choose. We cannot help you remember it...

Inactive accounts
Accounts which have not been logged in to for several months may be permanently deleted. This means everything will be deleted with no chance of getting it back. If you don't want you account deleted, be sure to log in once in awhile.

Admins and Game Masters

Do not ask to become one
If we would like you to help us, we will contact you. Asking, begging or otherwise bothering us about this subject will lead to a temporary ban. Be sure not to be fooled by anyone impersonating us, asking you to become an admin or game master.

Bans and warnings
Breaking the rules leads to either a warning or a ban. This decision is taken by us and is definite. You may explain your behaviour in a rational way, but whining and complaning will only lead to an extended ban. Players are responsible for being aware of the warnings and notifications they recieve via the notification system. These messages cannot be replied to, you must send us an email if you need to respond.

No refunds or changes
We will under no circumstances give you powerups, boost, ryo, ninjas, items or in any way alter your team for you. Neither will we undo purchases, ninjas you have recruited or anything like that. There are no refunds. Think before you buy something, and be sure to log out afterwards if you are in a public place.

Fake admins, impersonators
It is strictly forbidden to impersonate an Admin or Game Master of NinjaManager. This means not only the name, but also contacting players outside of our site, offering them bonuses and such. It is also the players responsibility not to fall for these tricks. We will never contact you outside of NinjaManager, and we will never ask for your password. Be sure not follow suspicious links sent to you outside of the game.

Hacking, exploits and glitches

Bots and scripts
Using bots, macros, scripts, reload plugins or any type of third party software that plays the game for you, or otherwise manipulates game play experience is forbidden.

Hacking the game or in any way taking advantage of glitches and exploits is strictly forbidden. Even asking for these kind of things will lead to severe punishment. Not to mention distributing scripts or teaching the exploit to others! Hacks, glitches and exploits are delt with as soon as we become aware of them.

Reporting glitches
If you do happen to find a glitch or anything which can be abused in the game to players advantage, you *must* contact us! We will be most grateful for your cooperation!